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Update 6/1/2022

This is an American Homebrewers Association and BJCP-sanctioned competition. This contest is open to all amateur hombrewers and is restricted to non-commercial, home brewed beers. Items produced on the premises of commercial breweries, including brew-on-premises establishments, are not eligible.

The competition is open to styles of beer traditionally considered "session beers" and generally having an original gravity of 1.050 or less. Beer Judge Certification Program criteria will be used in judging the entries.

Entries are restricted to one per sub-category, with no limit for the overall category with this clarification: Fruit Beer is considered a sub-category. Fruit Beer & Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer and Other Smoked & Wood Aged Beer must be based on one of the other subcategories in the competition.

The spirit of this competition is session beers. We have included some sub-categories that have a possible OG larger than 1.050. If a beer is deemed to be larger than 1.050 OG, the organizer may exclude an entry from winning a medal. Please do not make us make that decision!

THREE glass bottles are required per entry except the Lawnmower category. To insure anonymity, bottles must be 10 to 12 ounces in size and free of labels or any distinguishable markings. Recycled, nationally distributed bottles with formed-in-glass designs are acceptable. Inked brand name lettering on the bottles is not allowed. Caps should be silver or gold in color. Bottles not meeting these requirements may result in a detraction on the score sheet or may be disqualified. Attach a completed Bottle ID Form to each bottle with a rubber band. Your entry will be disqualified if glue or tape is used to secure the form to the bottle.

It is the responsibility of the entrant to complete all the registration forms, pay the entry fee, and designate the category and subcategory in which the entry will be judged. Under no circumstances will registrars or judges categorize entries. Disqualified entries will not be judged and are ineligible for awards.

Prizes: First, Second, and Third Place medals will be awarded to those entries scoring the highest cumulative point totals in each category. Awards are subject to the number of entries received. The judges reserve the right to collapse a category into another if sufficient entries are not received.

Best-of-Show: The first place winner in each prize category will be judged for Best-of -Show. The Best-of-Show winner will receive a one-of-a-kind trophy.

Disclaimer: All decisions of the Limbo Challenge Committee and Judging Staff are to be considered final. Be assured that every effort will be made to create an uncompromising, blind-tasting environment for the judging of all entries.

Packing Instructions:
If you desire to ship your entries, we recommend that you allow two inches of packing material between the borders of the box and your bottles. Fill spaces between the bottles with packing material (Styrofoam, ghost farts, etc). Wrapping each entry in bubble wrap is helpful. Enclose all entries in a plastic bag and seal the bag. Do not use the U.S. Mail -- it is illegal. UPS or other shippers may not accept your package if it is labeled "beer". You might list the contents as kitchen samples, yeast samples, yeast by-products, or homebrew supplies.

When dropping off entries, a case box will be available at North Texas Homebrew Supply to insert your bottles and paperwork. No need to pack your entries when dropping off.

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